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Olympus releases 7 new cameras for the shutterbug in every individual

Now that shooting with film has been relegated to a task for only the most hardcore of photographers who need the detail and image quality from 35mm film, just about anybody can pick up a digital camera and start shooting away without worrying about chalking up costs from film consumption. That being said, aspiring shutterbugs might want to keep a hammer near their piggy banks for good measure: Olympus has just announced the launch of seven new cameras for casual and hobbyist photographers.

With the huge advances made in digital camera technology, just about anybody can become a photographer today. After all, the fact that memory cards are capable of storing hundreds of image files coupled by the lack of consumables such as film purchases and processing fees means that  the cost of entry into what was formally a hobby for the rich is now more than affordable for the average Joe.

Of course, the rapid advancement of such technology also means that users are now inundated with cameras of all shapes, sizes and features to choose from. And today, the ever-increasing variety of digital cameras on the market today is set to receive a few more entries courtesy of Olympus: the popular camera manufacturer has just announced the launch of seven new digital cameras which are targeted at both serious professionals and casual point-and-shoot photographers.

Olympus PEN EP-2

Do you remember the old Olympus PEN EP-1 digital camera? You know, the camera which is widely known as both the company’s first, as well as the world’s second such camera built for the Micro Four Thirds system? Well, it seems that after 18 months of waiting, Olympus has announced the official release of EPisode-2 to its PEN EP series with the new PEN EP-2 today.

Like the PEN EP-1 before it, the EP-2 makes use of the same Micro Four Thirds format pioneered by Olympus and Panasonic, but with notable additions and improvements. Olyumpus claims that  the EP-2sports  a new user interface called “New Live Guide” which walks users through the camera’s features to help them capture pictures and video clips exactly the way they want.

In addition, the EP-2 sports a 12.3-megapixel High Speed Live MOS Sensor and a much greater variety of Art Filters for users to exercise their creativity will take crisp images.

The EP-2 is scheduled to be available for sale in Singapore in end January 2011: no official pricing for the camera has been revealed.

Olympus XZ-1

Touted as the new flagship model for the company’s line of compact digital cameras, the Olympus XZ-1 stands out from the competition not because of extensive in-camera features, but because of the sheer capability of the built-in lens.

While the 4x zoom factor on the XZ-1’s lens may not sound like much, its key strength lies in the amount of light it is capable of letting into the body. According to Olympus, the i-ZUIKO Digital 4x zoom lens is capable of apertures as wide as f1.8-f2.5 from the wide to tele regions. This supposedly allows users to achieve image qualities comparable to that from a DSLR.

In addition to its fast lens, the XZ-1 also sports the same image processing engine used in the PEN  series of cameras and features a Live Guide tutorial to assist newbies in making the most out of the camera’s functions.

The XZ-1 is scheduled to be available for sale in Singapore in end
January 2011: no official pricing for the camera has been revealed.

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