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Old Apple mouse gets a 21st century facelift

Still remember using your old Apple Desktop Bus mouse? Or maybe you have already tried to retrofit one? Well, Century had just taken this classic Apple mouse into our modern era with their new commercial product.


No doubt some of you who tried taking a few relics of the tech past into our present era. However this time, say goodbye to those DIY mouse redesign projects, because this Japanese consumer tech center had just made the old ADB mouse into a modern commercial reality, with its wireless CU-KAKU1 mouse.

Spec wise, it isn’t much different from your average wireless mouse. It connects via a 2.4Ghz wireless receiver, it has a sensitivity rating of about 1,600 dpi, and uses a blue LED for scrolling. However the ADB mouse design hasn’t been done entirely faithfully to the original, as that one big button is actually separated into a right and left click button underneath. There is also a scroll wheel on the left side of the unit. It uses two AA batteries, and depending on the battery used, it’s claimed to be able to work for at least six months before needing replacement.



Of course, even though it’s designed as a modernized ADB mouse, it can be connected to any compatible computer unit, not just to your Mac (Mac OS X 10.5.8 and above, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8). It has a price in Japan that is equivalent to $57.

Source: MyNavi (JP)

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