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Oft-rumored Apple iWatch expected out ‘before the holiday season’ at $300 a pop

Knowing full well it has the marketing fortitude and mass production vigor to blow every other wearable device out of the water, Apple is reportedly taking its time before wrapping up iWatch development, also eyeing a list price north of Samsung Galaxy Gear retail costs.

Apple iWatch

Despite what a handful of oblivious “insiders” suggested, Apple had no spectacular new piece of hardware to showcase at last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Nor did Cupertino officials ever plan to unveil anything.

iPad Air and Mini sequels, the mythical phablet-sized iPhone 6, the inaugural iWatch, they’ll all have to wait until breaking cover. Autumn remains Apple’s most prolific season, and as soon as the first leaves shall fall later this year, rumor is the wearable arena will get a new contender.

A world heavyweight title favorite, according to investment and financial services firm UBS, which predicts a roaring start to iWatch sales. Based mostly on subjective things like current buzz and iHistory, the Swiss financial specialists claim the intelligent wristwatch may well prove as popular as iPads, with as many as 21 million units shipped over the next fiscal year and an additional 36 mil in 2016.


That seems to suggest the iWatch will see daylight in the final stages of 2014, although UBS is not in a position to share a clearer ETA than “before the holiday season”. And they’re not even sure about that, showing an increased degree of confidence in the wake of WWDC announcements and recent healthcare recruitments, but not ruling out a setback for 2015 either.

Whatever the launch date, the starting price is nearly set in stone, at $300. That’s on-par with Samsung’s Gear 2, but 100 bucks more than what the Gear 2 Neo goes for. Also, around $130 north of current Galaxy Gear offers. Last but not least, LG’s G Watch and Motorola’s Moto 360 are expected to cost roughly $250 each.

Bottom line, Apple seems to think the iWatch is worth more than the competition. But given their notoriously, scandalously high regular margins, $300 is actually pretty decent news. Who’s with me?

Source: Apple Insider

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