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OCZ ZT Series 550W PSU Review

The ZT series power supply features an arresting design, with an all black body and striking yellow details. OCZ sprayed the ZT series power supply with a matte, non-reflective black paint. Measuring 175mm deep, the chassis of this power supply is slightly longer than typical ATX units but it is unlikely to cause any problems with the vast majority of computer cases.

Both sides of the power supply are covered by decorative stickers, featuring the company and series logos, as well as the unit’s power output inside a bright yellow frame.

The sticker with the unit's electrical specifications can be found at the top of the chassis and thus it will not be visible at all inside most cases.

The rear is entirely perforated to allow for the air pushed by the cooling fan to escape towards the outside of the case. The unit uses a standard AC power cable and there is an oversized rocker on/off switch next to it.

At the front side of the chassis one can find a few ventilation holes and the numerous connectors for the modular cables. This is a partially modular unit design with most cables still hardwired to the power supply. This unit offers the following number of connectors:


Modular cables

24-pin ATX connector

1 x 4+4 pin EPS12V/ATX12V CPU connector

2 x 6+2 pin 12V PCIe connectors

6 x SATA connectors

6 x Molex connectors

1 x Floppy connector*


*Editor’s note: the floppy connector utilizes a Molex connector through an adapter.

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