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OCZ ZT Series 550W PSU Review

OCZ supplies the ZT 550W power supply inside a sturdy, well designed cardboard box featuring a black-yellow theme. There is little artwork on the box and the theme revolves around a picture of the power supply itself and font art.

Inside the package the power supply is separated from the bundled items, which are inside a second cardboard box. The power supply comes wrapped inside a reusable nylon pouch.

The bundle that is supplied with the ZT 550 PSU is very simple and straightforward. Except from the black pouch which protects the PSU and the standard AC power cable you will only receive several short black cables ties, four typical 3M screws and a manual. There are no cable straps or any other special items.

You will also receive the modular cables necessary for the operation of the unit. The ATX, CPU and PCIe cables are common cables which have been sleeved, while the Molex and SATA power cables are ‘flat’, entirely black cables without any sleeving. 

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