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OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB SSD Review

The Vertex 3 Max IOPS drive is housed inside a relatively simple black metallic case similar to the one used by almost every SSD drive currently available. The body of the drive is exactly the size of any 2.5” disk.

The metallic cover plate at the bottom of the drive is almost entirely covered by stickers. A large sticker with basic specifications, hazard warnings and the part/serial numbers covers most of the metallic surface. One smaller sticker has the drive’s part and serial numbers printed on it. Finally, a tiny warranty covers one of the chassis screws.

Removing the metallic plate reveals the green PCB of the drive, with the controller chip installed at the left side while eight of the flash memory chips can be seen to the right. The controller chip is the highly popular and cost effective Sandforce SF-2281, the same chip used in the vast majority of today’s SSD drives.

OCZ usually re-brands the flash memory chips of their SSD drives; however that is not the case with the Vertex 3 Max IOPS. OCZ went with Toshiba MLC synchronous flash memory chips and apparently they are proud of it, especially since the company made these high quality chips the strongest marketing point of this device.

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