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OCZ to drop coolers and peripherals, focuses on core businesses

OCZ, a well-established name in the enthusiast hardware front, has announced that they will be ceasing production on all products which are not related to their core business.

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If you have a soft spot for any OCZ product which is not related to memory, solid state drives (SSDs) or PSUs, you might want to get them very soon, because they will soon cease to exist in the market.

According to Softpedia, the company has announced that it will be “stopping all production of new peripherals, coolers, gaming gear and all other minor products”.

It is said that OCZ intends to use the money saved from the shutting down of its non-core businesses to “become more productive and innovative in the making of solid state drives, power supplies and memory”.

“Over the course of the last few years, we have met the demand for a better storage option head-on, by delivering high performance solid state disk drives to a wide array of customers globally,” said Ryan Petersen, president and chief executive officer of OCZ Technology. “This round of funding will enable OCZ to continue its growth in SSDs and accelerate the development of next-generation solutions.”

He also promised that OCZ “will continue to design, develop and implement SSD technology with its current base of over 300 customers”.

Alex Mei, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at OCZ Technology also reaffirmed the the company will be focusing exclusively on its core businesses.

“We have transitioned away from the coolers, systems and peripherals and allowing us to focus and direct resources to our core solutions which are SSDs, power supplies and memory,” he said.

Source: Softpedia

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