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OCZ Technology releases PC P&C Silencer MK III Power Supply Series

Today OCZ announced the release of the new PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III Power Supply Series. Although the mainstream character of the series might not draw the attention of enthusiasts, this is the very first modular design coming from PC Power & Cooling, which is interesting all by itself.

The first modular power supply from PC Power & Cooling is no beast, with the series consisting of only three units with an output ranging from 400W up to "only" 600W. The units of the series are clearly not designed for hardcore enthusiasts, they do however have an 80Plus Bronze certification and come with a 5 year long warranty.

“PC Power and Cooling has always catered to those clients that are looking for both performance and reliability from their power management solutions and the Silencer MKIII PSU continues that tradition and incorporates new features such as a modular cable design,” said Steve Lee, Senior Vice President of Power Management at OCZ Technology Group. “This is the first modular PC Power PSU and we spent extra time and resources to make sure we got it right by combining a highly efficient core with Japanese capacitors, a whisper quiet 120mm fan, and the flexibility of modular cabling, all to create the best Silencer yet, and we are releasing this exciting new series in a range of models up to 600W and pricing them competitively, making the Silencer MKIII PSU’s the ideal blend of performance, features, and overall value for customers.”

Source : Company Press Release

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