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OCZ Synapse 64GB Caching SSD Review

The OCZ Synapse 64GB drive is housed inside a simple, black metallic casing similar to the one used by almost every SSD drive currently available. The body of the drive is exactly the size of any 2.5” disk.

The bottom metallic plate of the drive is littered with stickers. A large sticker with basic instructions and the part/serial numbers covers most of the metallic surface. One smaller sticker has the Dataplex software license number which came bundled with the drive printed on it, which might become handy if the user loses the manual. Finally, a tiny warranty covers one of the chassis screws.

Removing the metallic plate reveals the green PCB of the drive. The controller chip can be seen at the left side while the eight flash memory chips can be seen to the right.

The controller chip is the highly popular and cost effective Sandforce SF-2281, the same chip used in the vast majority of today’s SSD drives.

OCZ rebranded the flash memory chips, therefore we have no way of knowing which the original manufacturer of these chips was. All we can certainly indicate after we ran a series of tests is that they are asynchronous MLC memory chips, commonly used in mainstream/budget SSD drives. Although there are 64GB installed, only 32GB are used for caching. Exactly half of the drive’s capacity is used for performance and software features.

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