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OCZ RevoDrive X2 240GB & RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCI-E SSD Review

The RevoDrive 3 X2 comes supplied inside a cardboard box with an artistic theme simpler and perhaps more effective than that of the RevoDrive X2, with a picture of the drive itself being the main attraction.

Inside the box the user will find the drive well packed and secured inside a second, hard cardboard box, wrapped inside an antistatic bag and surrounded by an ample amount of Polystyrene foam. Given the drive’s weight and size, it would be next to impossible for anyone to cause any damage during shipping.

With the drive the purchaser will also receive a mini-CD with the necessary drivers and a basic operation manual.

Although the RevoDrive 3 X2 follows the base design and concept of its predecessor, there have been some notable hardware changes. The size of the drive remains the same, about the size of an average full size graphics card that is, with two PCBs closely joined together.

The RevoDrive 3 X2 once again is essentially four SSD drives bonded together with the use of a RAID chipset. The difference over the RevoDrive X2 is that the RAID controller comes from OCZ themselves; OCZ calls this controller VCA 2.0 (Virtualized Controller Architecture) and little are known about the chip itself, except that now the RevoDrive 3 X2 not only supports TRIM but also SMART, native command queuing, tagged command queuing and several wear management/leveling options. OCZ’s proprietary chip is hidden beneath a small heatsink.

Four Sandforce SF-2281 controllers can be found on the RevoDrive 3 X2, each connected to 16 flash memory chips with a total capacity of 128GB. Practically one could claim that that RevoDrive 3 X2 is actually four Agility 3 drives joined together in RAID 0.

64 MLC flash memory chips form the four 128GB SSD partitions on the RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB drive. The chips are supplied by Micron, are asynchronous type MLC, consumer grade 25nm memory. It is interesting to note that these chips are rated for fewer read/write cycles than the 34nm chips found on the inferior RevoDrive X2 despite being intended for workstation use, even though the rating is still high and should easily surpass the drive’s expected lifetime. 

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