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OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W PSU Review

OCZ supplies the Fatal1ty 1000W unit inside a large cardboard box featuring a dark red/black visual theme. The artwork is focused on a partial picture of the unit itself and a sketch of Johnathan Wendel.

Inside the box we found the unit very well packed and secured, enclosed in a cloth bag and protected by thick polystyrene foam pieces.

Despite the grandiose packaging and extensive marketing, the bundle of the Fatal1ty 1000W unit is limited to the basics. OCZ supplies only a basic instructions manual, an A/C power cable and a few simple cable ties. We would expect at least a few high quality cable straps and decoration stickers along with a unit which bases a lot of its market potential on aesthetics.

The individually sleeved modular cables, which are one of the major features of the Fatal1ty 1000W unit, are supplied inside a nylon purse. Although high precision is required to individually and uniformly sleeve every cable, OCZ performed an immaculate job which it would be very difficult for an individual to achieve by hand. Nevertheless, we should note that the individually sleeved cables do look better but they also are considerably more bulky than normal cables, taking more space inside a case.

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