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OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB Series

With modern day applications, and games especially demanding more system memory, there is a shift in market interest towards 4GB memory kits. High performance 4GB kits are sparse but we managed to find OCZ’s latest PC2-9200 Flex II kit, which one of the latest and the fastest 4GB kits out there. But just how well would this kit perform?

OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB memory kit.


Tested in our labs today is the OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB memory kit. The OCZ Flex II series was designed with the enthusiast crowd in mind. These memories are covered by OCZ’s lifetime warranty with EVP.

Extended Voltage Protection, or EVP in short, is a feature that allows enthusiasts to use a VDIMM of 2.15V without invalidating their OCZ lifetime warranty. Well, it may not be a lot, but it could help in rasing those memory frequencies. The Flex II memories greet you when you lift the flap on the box.

On the flip side of the flap is a short paragraph about how the XLC heatsink design can deliver superior heat dissipation when compared to traditional heatspreaders, or more sophisticated ones from competing brands. Like the EVP term, OCZ uses another short form, XLC which actually stands for Xtreme Liquid Convection. It is an aluminium heatsink design which combines air and water cooling into one package.


Brief explanation on how the watercooling design works on this pair of RAMs.


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