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NZXT Hale82 750W PSU Review

The black and white fan responsible for the cooling of the NZXT Hale82 unit is made by Adda electronics, a reputable manufacturer. The AD1212UB-A70GL is a ball bearing fan capable of reaching up to 2500RPM.

NZXT entrusted their Hale82 750W unit design and manufacturing to Seasonic and implemented their popular 80Plus Bronze certified design, which is the base of numerous high-performance units, including Seasonic’s own M12 II unit.

The filtering stage of the NZXT Hale82 unit is quite better than what the design guides recommend nowadays; we counted six Y-type capacitors, two X-type capacitors, three filtering chokes and a surge arresting MOV.

NZXT went with two Nippon Chemi-Con 330uF/400V capacitors for the primary side of this unit. The secondary side is also littered with Nippon Chemi-Con products, making this unit an all-Japanese affair.

The Hale82 implements DC to DC conversion circuits, which is rather strange for an 80Plus Bronze certified unit as these are usually implemented to enhance a product’s efficiency in order to achieve Silver and/or Gold efficiency levels. After further investigation, we discovered that Seasonic is using the same exact layout to design 80Plus Silver units and the only noteworthy difference is the use of more efficient (and much more expensive) MOSFETs.

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