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NZXT Hale82 750W PSU Review

The packaging of the NZXT Hale82 unit is sturdy but the artwork is rather basic, with the exception of a small window showcasing the power supply’s cooling fan. Instead of implementing fancy artwork, the company heavily focused on the very basic features of the unit and on the 5 year warranty.

Inside the box everything is very well packed and the unit is protected by polystyrene foam pieces; however, the top side of the unit is left unprotected, in order for the unit’s fan to be visible through the windowed opening at the top of the package.

The bundle supplied with the Hale82 unit is rather basic, which is not unexpected from a unit of this class. Inside the box one will find a standard A/C power cable, mounting screws, a black and white manual and a bag with the unit’s modular cables. It is interesting to note that the cables are not typical sleeved cables but “flat”, all-black bare cables. 

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