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NZXT Bunker — 4 USB Lock System

NZXT, a manufacturer of computer cases and other computer accessories, has announced the Bunker, a 4 USB Lock System. Aimed at protecting the user’s USB gaming peripherals such as mice and keyboards, the Bunker is the first ever device of any sort made for USB expansion as well as protection of gaming accessories.

NZXT has announced a new product aimed at both gamers and PC enthusiasts. Known as the NZXT Bunker, the 5.25″ bay, four USB Lock system is claimed to be able to offer users the comfort of having additional USB ports while protecting the peripherals connected to it.

The NZXT Bunker features 4 USB ports along with a door which can be locked, thus prevents others from accessing the devices connected to it. 

The real draw of the Bunker lies in the fact that the key is tied to the particular unit it is sold with. In a nutshell, this means that nobody, not even another Bunker owner with a similar set of keys, can hope to unlock another user’s Bunker and claim the connected peripherals for himself.

The Bunker is expected to be released for retail in March this year at an estimated retail price of US$25.00.


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