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Nvidia unveils GeForce GTX 700M series

Nvidia GTX 780M

Jen-Hsung Huang’s company has launched yet another new series of GeForce branded GPUs. Say hello to their high end GTX 700M (M for Mobile) series of graphics cards designed for laptops and mobile platforms.

Back in the beginning of April, Nvidia revamped their low-end mobile graphics line-up with 28 nm GK107 based models. Fast forward to May and Nvidia has completed their 2013 refresh by introducing the high end GTX 700M series. Enter the GTX 760M, GTX 765M, GTX770M, GTX775M and GTX 780M (phew, that’s quite a lot).

GeForce GTX 700M series line up

Image Courtesy: AnandTech

Out of all five newly launched SKUs, only the GTX 780M is based on the (powerful) GK104 die. In case you’re looking for serious gaming and power packed performance in a notebook, this is the GPU to look hunt for. The remainder of new SKUs are all based on the lesser GK106 silicon instead, featuring half as many CUDA cores (768, down from 1536) as the GTX 780M. While certainly fast on paper, the GTX 780M will still struggle to match up to its desktop namesake (expect performance close to the GTX 670 levels). Of course, it will end up faster than the GTX 680M, but initial testing at AnandTech puts AMD’s HD 7970M GPU ahead (at least in Bioshock Infinite).

On a more serious note, Nvidia’s rebranding strategy continues to unfold into this generation of GPUs as well. However, it is rather sad to see that the new GTX 700M models are theoretically inferior/slower than the respective GTX 600M SKUs which they will be replacing. Memory bus gets cut down from 256-bit to 128-bit in some models, the only compensation being faster clocked cores (whose advantage is negated with the fewer number of CUDA cores available). Certainly, the new GTX 700M GPUs will be more power efficient (of course, when you remove features from the die) but that shouldn’t fool you into buying one. If you’re on the look out for a gaming laptop which offers the aforementioned GPUs, try to go for their GTX 600M counterparts instead. They may end up both cheaper and faster at the same time.

Source: AnandTech

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