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Nvidia Plans 9800GT Green Edition, More Renaming Adventures

Nvidia is slated to launch a “Green Edition” of the 9800 GT in mid-March with lower power consumption and lower clockspeeds. The plain old 9800GT will be rebranded as the GTS 240, and prices of the 9800GT/GTS 240 are also expected to go down.

Nvidia is going to quietly launch a GeForce 9800GT “Green Edition” in mid-March. The “Green Edition” has a lower GPU voltage, and consequently slower clockspeeds. The core clock looks set to be reduced from 600 to 550MHz, while the shader clock will be decelerated from 1500 to 1375MHz.

After that, the vanilla 9800GT that is currently on sale will rebranded as the GTS 240. This is expected to happen sometime in April, in a move similar to the rebranding of the 9800GTX+ as the GTS 250.

The “new” GTS 240 will get a price cut aimed at squeezing the competing Radeon HD4830 out of the market. 9800GT cards are retailing at the moment for US$120, about 10 to 20 dollars more than the HD4830. So we can probably expect a drop to near the US$100 mark.

Just for your information, the 9800GT is itself a renaming of the 8800GT, albeit with a 55nm die shrink. Nvidia: The Way It’s Meant To Be Renamed?

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