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NVIDIA nStant Media for Notebooks

NVIDIA’s nStant Media is a new dedicated multimedia software that gives users quick, easy access to digital content on notebook PCs without having to power-on the notebook. Some of the key features of the software is mentioned as follows.

  • One-touch access to digital entertainment such as DVDs, digitial photos, MP3s and other audio files.
  • Software runs without powering on the notebook.
  • Minimised CPU usage
  • Extended battery life when compared to traditional viewing method.

SINGAPORE – JUNE 2, 2004 – NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today unveiled NVIDIA® nStant Media™ — new multimedia software that gives users quick, easy access to digital content on notebook PCs. With the touch of a button, nStant Media enables immediate access to DVDs, digital photos, MP3s, and other music files without having to wait for the PC operating system to load. NVIDIA nStant Media transforms the notebook into a true portable consumer entertainment device.

“With large, high-resolution displays, massive storage space and a full range of multimedia functions, notebook PCs can be ideal personal entertainment devices,” stated K B Ng, marketing director at NVIDIA Asia Pacific. “With nStant Media, OEMs and system integrators can turn notebooks into true personal, consumer electronic devices. In less than nine seconds after powering on, the end user has access to media content, utilising a fraction of the battery life required by traditional notebook solutions.”

By minimising CPU usage, nStant Media, combined with an NVIDIA graphics processing unit (GPU), uniquely reduces overall system level power consumption, thus extending battery life beyond normal usage.


NVIDIA nStant Media is currently available to OEMs and ODMs for integration into notebooks and is not sold as stand-alone retail software. NVIDIA nStant Media is also available to OEMs as a software development kit for customised solutions that take full advantage of the NVIDIA graphics processor’s dedicated video hardware and power management features.

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