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NVIDIA Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM)

Notebook designs with graphics modules are not a new concept.
The industry has long acknowledged that modular designs are the best way to
shorten the notebook design cycle and deliver the latest GPUs to market faster.
Historically, this was achieved with proprietary module designs customized for
specific vendor platforms.

Dozens of AGP notebooks used proprietary graphics modules for
years, allowing manufacturers to accelerate time to market for a particular
platform design. Most customers are never aware that their systems have a
modular design, because they never open up the notebook chassis.
The downside is that these modules are different from each other in almost every
way, and still require custom designing for each graphics card.

Just as proprietary modules accelerated the design cycle for
particular notebook designs, MXM will let notebook manufacturers accelerate the
design cycle for notebooks designed with the MXM graphics interface.
Furthermore, hardware manufacturers like NVIDIA will commit to releasing
reference designs for MXM modules with their latest graphics hardware. This will
let notebook manufacturers plug any MXM reference module into their systems
simply by putting an MXM connector on the system motherboard. This model has
worked extremely well for desktop systems for years, and now MXM extends this
benefit to notebook systems.

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