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Nvidia launches the Geforce GTX 770, a rebranded GTX 680

GTX 770

Hot on the heels of the GTX 780 (mini Titan) launch last week, the GTX 770 caters to a more value conscious crowd who are also looking for top notch performance at the same time.

The Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 is the direct successor to the GTX 680 from last year. In fact, the similarities between the two GPUs are definitely not enough to warrant of any upgrade (in case people with a GTX 680 were considering to do so). Here’s a quick rundown on the GTX 770 specifications:

GTX 770 specifications

Nvidia’s GTX 770 packs the same 28nm GK104 die and core configuration (full unlocked) as the GTX 680 and an identical memory interface as well. The most prominent changes are the slightly boosted core and memory clock speeds, with the latter being attributed to the use of Samsung’s new 7.0 Gbps memory chips (which perform extremely well, overclocks going to record high 8 GHz speeds). As a result, memory bandwidth now stands at a cool 224 GB/s.

A number of OEMs have announced their own customized versions of the GTX 770. Here are a few of the interesting ones (we thought creating an image gallery would be an easier way to let you know the custom cooler jobs done by different OEMs):

The customized coolers and factory overclock do provide a different look and slightly improved performance (at almost the same price), but in our opinion the premium looking Titan-inspired design of the GTX 770 is already good enough. You can pick up a stock Nvidia GTX 770 card for $399, that’s a $100 cheaper than the price at which the GTX 680 originally launched for. Despite being over a year old, AMD’s HD 7970 (GHz edition) continues to remain a viable (if not, faster) option compared to similarly priced Nvidia solutions. The GTX 770 doesn’t even include a free game in the bundle, which is sad considering AMD’s solution gifts you with six AAA titles.

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