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Nvidia insists Fermi yields have met expectations, denies low yield rumours

Nvidia’s General Manager of MCP Business Henry Drew insists that everything is on track for Fermi, and that contrary to popular belief, there are no yield issues with the GF100 GPU.

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Nvidia just can’t seem to shake off its share of bad publicity these days, and it does not make things any better when most of that publicity is heavily focused on the company’s new GF100 GPU which powers the new GeForce 4XX series of graphics cards.

Even though it has been widely speculated that the GF100 is a victim of low yields due to their extremely complex underlying architecture, thus resulting in limited supply, Nvidia insists in an interview with DigiTimes that they are nothing but rumours, and that Fermi has no problem with yields whatsoever.

According to Henry Drew, Nvidia’s General Manager of MCP Business, the company has got “everything under control”.

“TSMC’s yields for its 40nm process has met our expectations and market rumors about the yields being lower than 20% are completely untrue,” he said.

He also went on to say that he does not expect the power consumption of the new GTX 4xx graphics cards to be a barrier, explaining that consumers who were considering the new graphics card were performance-oriented in nature, and thus would have already expected the cards to have a higher power draw.

“Our new Fermi-based GeForce GTX 480/470 chips are a significant improvement over performance compared to our previous-generation GTX 285 despite that the GTX 480/470’s power consumption is about 15-20W higher…To pay a little higher electricity bill in exchange for 10% more in performance, I believe consumers will think this is a worthwhile trade,” he explained, adding that the company has no plans to raise prices for its products in lieu of rising component prices needed for manufacturing graphics cards.

He was also quick to defend Nvidia’s market share, saying that contrary to popular belief, Nvidia not only did not experience any drop in market share, but also managed to sustain steady growth over the past six months.

However, he declined comment about the issue of current GTX 4xx graphics cards having less than the previously-claimed 512 processing cores in the GPU.

“Nvidia does not comment on unannounced products; however, we have a chance to launch a graphics chip with 512 cores in the future,” he said.

Source: DigiTimes

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