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Nvidia GeForce GTX 285

Once removed from its anti-static bag, you’ll notice that the GTX 285 looks outwardly identical to the GTX 260 rather than the GTX 280. Has Nvidia cut costs and used a smaller heatsink just because of the dieshrink? We’ll get round to that shortly. But first, a quick tour of the exterior.


The GTX 285 is nearly the same length as the GTX 280.

If you look closely you’ll see that the 8-pin power connector on the GTX 280 is gone, and  in its place is a second 6-pin power connector. We’ll find out whether this translates into lower power consumption or not. The S/PDIF connector which enables audio output over HDMI (with use of the included DVI-to-HDMI dongle) remains unchanged.

There are two SLI fingers, which makes 3-way SLI possible if you have a motherboard capable of it and are willing to burn a large hole in your wallet for three of these monsters.

The rear exhuast vent on the GTX285 is marginally larger than that of the GTX280 due to a change in the placement of the two screws. Next to the vent is the power LED, which lights up green when sufficient power is being supplied to the card, and red when the PSU is supplying insufficient power (or you simply forgot to plug in the two 6-pin connectors).

The outputs remain identical to those found on the GTX 280 though; The TV-Out port has yet to be replaced by a HDMI port as we saw on the GTX 295.

Unlike the GTX 280, and like the cheaper GTX 260, Nvidia has left out the rear shroud. Looks to us like a cost cutting move to shave a few dollars off their production costs – not a surprise at all given that Nvidia just told its investors to expect a 40-50% drop in revenue from Q3 to Q4 2008.

And there you have it, the sights of the GTX285. But before we move on, here’s the rest of the stuff inside the box.

Besides the standard fare, ASUS threw in a faux leather mousepad. In lieu of a bundled game there’s what appears to be a voucher for online game downloads.

Complete list of bundled items:

  • DVI-to-HDMI adapter
  • DVI-to-VGA adapter
  • TV Out breakout cable
  • S/PDIF passthrough cable
  • 4-pin molex to 6-pin PCIe power adapter
  • Mousepad
  • Driver CD
  • Manual CD
  • SpeedSetup Guide
  • HDMI & S/PDIF Guide

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