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What’s new in Release 260

Together with the release of the GeForce GTS 450, NVIDIA is also introducing its Release 260 drivers. These new drivers promise a performance boost for GTX 400 Series cards; expect to see gains between 7% to as large as 29%.

Experience the way movies were meant to be with bitstreaming support for Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio over HDMI. The GeForce GTS 450 also supports 1080p stereoscopic 3D Blu-ray movies, hence it can be a good purchase for HTPC builders.

Enhancements have been made to 3D Vision and Surround. For NVIDIA 3D Vision, one no longer needs to install the driver separately from the display driver; the 3D Vision driver is included in the driver package. Game support has been updated to include the latest titles such as Mafia II, Starcraft 2 and Trine. And lastly, there is support for Sony’s 3D Sweep Panorama picture format in the NVIDIA 3D Photo Viewer.

NVIDIA Surround is now more flexible, and can be set up faster and easier than before; there is a new user interface for connecting and arranging displays. Users also have the option to dedicate an extra GPU to PhysX or a fourth display.

And lastly, Release 260 features a new driver installer with either one-click Express installation or advanced Custom installation modes.


Installing the Release 260 drivers


As mentioned, the Release 260 drivers feature a new installer; even the installation splash screen is different now.


In previous driver releases, you just accept the license agreement, hit the Next button and wait for installation to complete. For Release 260, users are given the option to either Express install all items included in the driver package, or Custom install only the items they want.

The graphics driver is compulsory (obviously), although users can opt not to install PhysX, the HD audio driver, or the 3D Vision driver.

If you wish to reset all NVIDIA settings to defaults, and wipe any profiles created previously but not removed, the new driver gives you the option to perform a clean install.


The status updates itself accordingly to what is currently being installed.


And there, the installation has finished, complete with a detailed list of what has gone inside your operating system.


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