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NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250

The reference specifications for the GeForce GTS 250 and several other models closest to it in terms of performance are listed here. The prices shown below reflect the latest reported price changes by Nvidia and AMD at the time of publishing of this article.



  Nvidia GeForce 8800GT/ 9800GT Nvidia GeForce 9800GTX+/
GTS 250
Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 ATI Radeon HD4850 ATI Radeon HD4870
Core G92 G92 GT200 RV770 PRO RV770 XT
Process 65nm/
55nm 65nm/ 55nm 55nm 55nm
Core Clock 600 738 576  625 750
Shader Clock 1500 1836 1242
Memory Clock 900 1100 999 993 900
Unified Shaders/
Stream Processors
112 128 216 800 800
Texture Mapping Units 56 64 74 40 40
Render Output Units 16 16 28 16 16
Memory Size 256MB/
896MB 512MB/
Memory Interface 256-bit 256-bit 448-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Outputs 2x Dual-Link DVI, TV-Out 2x Dual-Link DVI, TV-Out* 2x Dual-Link DVI, TV-Out 2x Dual-Link DVI, TV-Out 2x Dual-Link DVI, TV-Out
Power Connectors 1x 6-pin 2x 6-pin (9800GTX+) 2x 6-pin 1x 6-pin 2x 6-pin
1x 6-pin
(GTS 250)
Retail Price USD119
USD199 USD129 (512MB) USD179 (1GB) USD149 (512MB) USD199 (1GB)

*The reference GTS 250 lacks TV-Out.

The only change to the reference design, apart from the new PCB and heatsink, is the omission of a TV-Out connector. Support for triple-SLI remains.

The 9800GTX+…

Note that, while 1GB versions of the GTS 250 will at release already be
using the new reference design or manufacturers’ own custom designs, a 512MB card might be a 9800GTX+ with a BIOS flash, at least until old stocks are cleared out.

So if you must
have a shorter card to fit into your small form factor PC or something like
that, go for the 1GB version of the GTS 250 or wait some time for the old design to be cleared out of existing stocks.

…and the GTS 250.

The cards from Galaxy and Twintech that we have here today
are not reference cards though. No doubt as part of Nvidia’s grand
scheme to create the illusion that the GTS 250 is a new card entirely,
many partners are releasing self-designed GTS 250s utilizing custom
PCBs and heatsinks.

Both cards are 1GB versions of the GTS 250, and utilise custom heatsinks and PCB designs.

  Nvidia GeForce
GTS 250 Reference
Galaxy GeForce
GTS 250 1GB
Twintech GeForce
GTS 250 XT OC Edition 1GB
Core Clock 738 738 750
Shader Clock 1836 1836 1836
Memory Clock 1100 1100 1125
Outputs 2x Dual-Link DVI 1x Dual-Link DVI, 1x HDMI, TV-Out  2x Dual-Link DVI, 1x HDMI*

*Up to two of the outputs can be used at any one time.

Somewhat strangely, Galaxy’s GTS 250 lacks a
factory overclock. Twintech isn’t that much better off either – its
factory overclock is downright meagre.

the triple outputs on Twintech’s card may look tantalising, the truth
is that the two-display limitation of the G92 still applies. That
additional HDMI port just saves you the trouble of using an adapter,
nothing more. On the outputs front Galaxy has simply replaced one of the DVI ports with a HDMI output, and also retained the TV Out port.

So without further ado, let’s start off by looking at Galaxy’s GTS 250.

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