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NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra (NV40) Review

The reference 6800 Ultra card is based on the dual slot cooling
solution although card manufacturers will be designing single slot cooling
system for the 6800 retail cards. Consumers therefore need not worry too much on
this aspect. 

NVIDIA has an effective cooling solution in place where it is
made of three parts; the fan housing with blower, GPU heatsink and the memory
heatsink with heatpipes. The blower will draw cool air from the surrounding and
blow it across the GPU heatsink and memory heatsink and out from the right side.
The memory heatsink with heatpipe technology draw the heat from the memory chips
to the exhaust part of the blower.


The reference design requires two 12V power inputs from the PSU
therefore there are two molex connectors on the card to provide sufficient
power. NVIDIA suggests the use of at least 480W PSU for real power enthusiasts
with overclocked machines and the card itself will draw
around 110-120W. However, this will depend on cases since users have different
kind of setup and latest NVIDIA requirements is 350W minimum. We have no problems using a 425W HEC
PSU to power a system with GeForce 6800 Ultra, Prescott 3.2E, two hard drives,
one optical drive and other common peripherals and still able to do some decent
overclocking on both the CPU and GPU side.

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