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NVIDIA GeForce 6150 and nForce 430

Nvidia’s IGP solution, codenamed Crush 51 is it’s next generation mainstream and HTPC chipset. It features a Geforce 6150 graphics processor and High definition MPEG-2/WMV9 playback capabilities. Here, we take a look at a reference board by Nvidia and check out it’s potential.


This is the first time Nvidia has featured a chipset offering integrated graphics for a long time. Codenamed the C51, the reference board from Nvidia came with a Geforce 6150 GPU clocked at 475mhz, and 64mb on dedicated graphics memory, and the nForce 430 MCP. This should be considered as a buget option for low-cost occasional gaming. Today, we would be looking at a refrence board provided by nvidia to showcase their new chipset, aimed at the HTPC and mainstream market. Nvidia has created a fully featured and very upgradable chipset with many features of it’s bigger brother, the nForce 4.


Source: nvidia

The following table explains Nvidia’s target group for each chip:

The tables show that there are two MCPs for the C51, namely the 410 and 430. The 410 has less slightly less features than the 430, with only 2 sata ports and lacks a gigabit ethernet port. However, most users buying the C51 would probably not need more than 2 sata drives and probably would not have gigabit ethernet at home.

There are also two different GPUs for the C51. Not unlike the 410, the GeForce 6100 is less powerful than the 6150, with a lower clock speed, and is also cheaper. Although most hardcore gamers would scoff at the idea of using integrated graphics on their gaming rigs, this GPU is powerful enough to run most of today’s games, as shown later. The two different MCPs and GPUs enables Nvidia to mix and match them to find a good price/performance combination.

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