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Nvidia CEO says Shield is a hit

Nvidia says Shield is a sell-out success, now scrambling to make more units.


Jen-Hsun Huang says his company’s portable gaming console has been a sell-out success and Nvidia is now scrambling to make more units.

“Sales have been great. Everything that we shipped so far has sold out and – but we’re just starting to ramp production, we’ve shipped out to our partners only several thousand units, and so it’s still quite early to tell. But we’re expecting to do quite well with Shield,” Huang said during the company’s earnings call.

Nvidia started shipping the Shield on July 31 at a price point of $300. The Shield’s launch was delayed by almost a month due to “overwhelming demand” and build quality issues, depending on the Nvidia spokesperson message of the day.

While Nvidia can say the Shield is a sell-out success when only a few thousand units are shipped, it will be interesting to see if it can replicate the same success when production ramps up to hundreds of thousands of units. After all, in order to use the Shield to its full potential one must have Nvidia hardware in their PC which instantly limits the Shield’s potential market.

Source: Nvidia earnings call transcript

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