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NTT establishes free wireless LAN networks in areas damaged by the Great Tohoku Kanto Earthquake

Even as Japan struggles to recover from the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that has claimed the lives of thousands of Japanese, digital information still needs to be disseminated around the wrecked places in order to facilitate everyday life. To that end, the NTT Group has announced their latest contribution to the country's disaster relief efforts: free wireless LAN networks in various areas for all to access.

Even though natural disasters such as the recent quake that levelled much of North-Eastern Japan may have knocked out much of the region's digital infrastructure, it should be of little surprise that service providers and telecommunication operators are working to ensure that the dissemination of digital information suffers from as little impact as possible. After all, information about disaster recovery efforts and developments are vital for survivors, and anything than can facilitate such efforts will be important to ensure that the populace remains calm and do not panic.

Apparently, in a bid to ensure that areas affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami do not suffer from a communications blackout, the NTT Group has announced that it is setting up free wireless LAN spots in various locations around the affected areas. To prevent people from abusing the free networks, each user will only be allowed to sign in onto the free networks for a maximum of 30 minutes, after which he or she will be disconnected from the network to ensure that other users can utilize the service.

The free networks will remain operational until June 30. A complete list of the areas which will be receiving the service can be found at NTT's press release here.

Source: ITmedia

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