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Nokia’s patent injunction win against HTC in Germany might lead to a device ban

HTC could see all of its Android devices banned in Germany after a court ruled that the manufacturer infringed on Nokia’s patents.

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Nokia has won a patent injunction case filed against HTC in Germany. The patent in question was EP1148681, which is used as a “method for transferring resource information” between two handsets over NFC or Bluetooth.

The patent is not covered by FRAND licencing terms, as it is a non-standard-essential patent, meaning that its use is not critical to the functioning of a device. As such, Nokia can call on a sales ban on all HTC devices in Germany by posting a bond of  $550 million USD (400 million EUR).

A device ban would see all HTC handsets recalled from retailers, and includes all of its Android handsets, including the One series. HTC is struggling as it is to garner consumer attraction for its devices, and an all-out device ban in a major market would be a significant blow to the Taiwanese manufacturer.

It has been since discovered that this patent is used not only on HTC’s devices, but on all Android handsets. Google is said to be in talks with Nokia over licencing terms, but details on whether an agreement will be reached is unknown at this stage. Nokia has focused its efforts on HTC for now, in Germany and other countries like the U.K. and the U.S., but it could be targeting other Android manufacturers soon.

Source: FOSS Patents

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