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Nokia’s Normandy might not see the light of day, manufacturer working on wearables instead

According to the latest batch of rumors, Nokia has abandoned its Android efforts and is instead focusing on wearables.


Earlier this month, it was revealed that Nokia was working on an Android device codenamed Normandy, which would be launched in early 2014. However, it looks like those rumors were unfounded. Now it is alleged that Nokia is working on a line of wearable devices that include augmented reality glasses, flexible screens, electromagnetic energy generation utilities and wireless chargers. Nokia was one of the first major manufacturers to launch devices that work with the Qi wireless standard, so it is not unreasonable to assume that the organization would continue its efforts in this segment.

Work on customization for the Android device at Nokia was led by Peter Skillman, who used to be the VP MeeGo UX and Services Design. Nokia allegedly tested different form factors, and is believed to have tried a 7-inch tablet running Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 SoC. Android development was done by a division that was not included in the Microsoft deal, and now it looks like these plans have been put on hold.

If the rumors out of Chinese site CTechnology are to be believed, Nokia has abandoned its efforts in the Android segment, citing the terms of the Microsoft acquisition, which does not allow Nokia to sell a smartphone for two years. It could try launching a new brand to sell the Android handsets, but that would involve a lot of hurdles now that its manufacturing division is now moving to Microsoft.

If Nokia does decide to take this route, then it has to figure out manufacturing, logistics and distribution all over again. Then there is the state of the Android ecosystem itself, which sees Samsung, LG and Sony owing a significant chunk of the market share. One of the main reasons for Nokia not choosing Android was the threat of Samsung, so it makes little sense for the manufacturer to venture into Android now, and that too under a new brand name.

Therefore, the focus at Nokia has shifted to the wearable section. The smart glasses that Nokia was working on will be taken over by Microsoft, but the Finnish organization will be able to work on other wearable devices. The smart glasses will allegedly be launched by Microsoft sometime in 2015.

Source: CTechnology

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