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Nokia’s Lumia 1520 spotted next to a Lumia 1020

A picture of Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 1520, codenamed Bandit, has been spotted online along side a Lumia 1020.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Rumors currently indicate that the Lumia 1520 will be made of polycarbonate and that it will feature a 6-inch full-HD screen. The mobile will come with a 20 MP PureView camera and it is likely it will contain design elements that are similar to that of the Lumia 925. Under the hood, the device will feature a quad-core Snapdragon CPU, most likely the Snapdragon 800. The device might also have the ability to charge wirelessly. The Lumia 1520 is said to be the first of many full-HD devices on the Windows Phone platform. Nokia might announce the Lumia 1520 in an event in New York on September 26th.


Back in July, an image of a display glass for a 6-inch Nokia device leaked, which is when the rumor of a large-screen Lumia began to take root. Going by the bezel size and sensor locations on the Lumia 1520 in the leaked image of the device, it does look like the image of the display that was leaked back in July seems to correspond to this device. It also has an etching at the bottom that says proto.nokia.com, which is found on all Nokia tester mobiles.

In the U.S., it has been revealed by internal sources that AT&T is currently testing a device codenamed Bandit, which we now know as the Lumia 1520, and that it will launch the device sometime around November. Other carriers in the U.S. and around the world should get the device before the end of the year.


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