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Nokia working on a low-end Android device codenamed Normandy

Remember the device codenamed Normandy that was leaked back in November? It might be the first Nokia device to run Android.


Nokia may be running out of time when it comes to launching new devices, as news broke out last week that regulators in the U.S. and in the Europe signed off on its acquisition by Microsoft. However, the latest batch of rumors suggest that Nokia is not yet ready to quit, and is working on a low-end Android handset which is codenamed Normandy.

After the terms of the Microsoft-Nokia acquisition were made revealed, it was announced that Nokia considered making Android handsets, whereas Microsoft was allegedly working on a Surface-style mobile device. In the end, Nokia decided to go with Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS instead of Android. However, now it looks like Nokia is considering using a forked version of Android that does not contain any Google services.

Initially, the handset codenamed Normandy has been leaked by @evleaks back in November, and was assumed to be an Asha device. In the leaked image, the mobile was found to feature styling that was akin to Lumia devices, but with one navigation button at the bottom of the screen. There were no further details available regarding the device, until now.

The device will be a low-end offering and the main idea behind using a forked version of Android is in getting more content available to users. Nokia has tried and failed to build an ecosystem around the Asha Touch platform, and it looks like it is turning to Android to provide an answer. Amazon famously uses a forked version of Android on its Kindle line of tablets, and Nokia is allegedly going a similar route.

Other details regarding the device are not known at this stage, but the device codenamed Normandy is slated for a release in 2014. The Finnish manufacturer only has a few months before the acquisition is finalised, so it should be interesting to see if we do get to see an Android handset from Nokia before then.

Source: The Verge

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