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Nokia slaps HTC in the face with Twitter post

Nokia is armed and ready to use everything in its arsenal to promote its upcoming Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices.  The Finnish phone maker wants the Lumia 920 to not only outshine competing smartphone platforms, but to also thrash competing WP8 devices from other OEMs.

Nokia is struggling to stay relevant in an industry that’s dominated by iPhones and Android devices, and despite its efforts to put Windows Phone into the same league as iOS and Android, Windows Phone devices haven’t achieved that goal just yet.  Microsoft and Nokia are pouring a lot of money into backing up the Nokia WP8 partnership, so if WP8 busts then so does Nokia. 

Money doesn’t seem to be the issue when it comes to proving that Nokia can compete with high rollers like Apple and Google.  Thus, Nokia needs to generate hype and excitement for their devices—something Nokia has to do more of now than ever before.

So money isn't the issue, so it must be the lack of smack talking against competing firms.  HTC recently unveiled its 8S and 8X, and instead of supporting the WP8 movement, Nokia’s Chris Weber slapped HTC in the face with a tweet saying that copying Nokia’s WP8 coloring scheme doesn’t mean HTC phones will be in the same league as Nokia’s.

Weber claims that HTC’s upcoming WP8 devices won’t have innovations that can match that of the Lumia 920.  He might be referring to enhancements such as City Lens, PureView, and Nokia Drive—that’s just reading in the between the line though.

HTC has produced some extremely competitive smartphones for the Android market, so we’ll see if the Taiwanese phone maker has what it takes to prove Weber wrong.

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