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Nokia Singapore holds media workshop on Nokia Maps 3.0

Nokia Maps Media Briefing

This afternoon, Nokia held a media workshop on Nokia Maps 3.0 at the Esplanade, Singapore. The media also got the opportunity to take a short ride in the NAVTEQ survey car to see how the survey team collect the various data used to update the maps.

Yoong Leong-Yan, social location, Nokia South East Asia Pacific introduced the various features on the new Nokia Maps 3.0 including the car navigation and real-time traffic info, pedestrian navigation and 3D building models.

According to Yoong, the maps are free to download and use, even if you are in a foreign country and/or using an older Nokia phone with Maps 2.0. However, if you need the drive navigation assistance or the traffic information about whether the roads or expressways are congested, you would need to purchase the necessary licenses to use them.

Geraldine Kor, marketing director, Asia for NAVTEQ gave the media a brief overview of what NAVTEQ does including the collection of data and updating the map. And we also found out that anyone could actually inform NAVTEQ about any new sightings that may be occuring on the street by going to their mapreporter website – http://www.mapreporter.com/

The local media were treated to a ride in the NAVTEQ survey car and you can probably spot the small camera dangling under the rear view mirror, and a GPS tracking device on the hood.

Here’s how the inside of the car is like with the various sophisticated devices. On the passenger seat, the surveyor uses a laptop to collect the data including the pictures taken from the camera. Apparently, the camera captures still images in JPEG formats and not video, at a low frames per second.

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