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Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet confirmed as landing this week on Verizon and AT&T

Microsoft stores will not be the only retail channel offering Nokia’s Lumia 2520 for sale this week, as Verizon and AT&T have just made their own release dates and pricing details official.


Quite surprisingly, Verizon will for once be early to the launch party, undercutting both Microsoft and AT&T by 24 hours. The network’s ETA is thus November 21, with the 10-inch Windows RT tab set to cost $499 outright and $399 with customary two-year pacts.

However, it seems the on-contract $399 price tag will be valid just “for a limited time”, so chances are once Black Friday and Cyber Monday pass, you’ll be asked to cough up the full 500 bucks no matter if you pen a carrier agreement or not.

Meanwhile, AT&T, whose Lumia 2520 rollout is set for Friday November 22, will charge as little as $199.99 for the slate, but only as part of a special bundle with the Lumia 925, 1020 or 1520 phones. Translation: get one of the handhelds, with or without contracts, and then score the 2520, with a compulsory 24-month pact, on the “cheap”, at 200 bucks.

Nokia Lumia 2520

Not in the market for a Lumia phone and merely fishing for a large, snazzy and zippy on-the-go computing machine? Fret not, as Ma Bell is to sell the Lumia 2520 solo as well, for $399.99 with contracts. And best of all, their pricing doesn’t depend on any limited-time promos.

On a somewhat unrelated note, another fresh Nokia Lumia is expected out in time for Thanskgiving, albeit the sole wireless network to carry it stateside, Verizon, continues to be hush-hush on the matter.

The Lumia 929, said to be basically a diminutive version of the 1520 with the same exact hardware, is rumored to land on Big Red November 21 and cost $199.99 as part of another short-lived special offer. There’s also a theory according to which America’s number one carrier will follow AT&T’s suit and sell the 929 bundled with the 2520 for a total of $400 ($200 each). Sounds like Santa Claus may come early this year, huh?

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