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Nokia Lumia 1020 (aka EOS) shows up in AT&T clothing, nothing surprising here

Our good friend and trusted industry insider @evleaks may have revealed his identity a little while ago, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of business. Not in the least, as he’s just tweeted the first high-res press photo of the highly anticipated Nokia EOS, now certain to be called Lumia 1020.


We’ve seen the 1020 smiling for the camera more than once before, but again, this is the first press shot of the thing. It’s also the first where we see it wrapped up in AT&T branding, though as usual the carrier doesn’t go out of its way to get noticed (unlike we know who).

While you are advised to take the “leak” with caution and the proverbial pinch of salt, if we are to be completely honest there’s not even a remote possibility anymore the 1020 is not real. Plus, we know very well the phone will be formally introduced to the world come July 11.

According to several reliable sources, Nokia’s next crown jewel will be made available exclusively to AT&T in the United States, but also land outside America in an “international” flavor that’s been recently spotted at the FCC.


Today’s @evleaked photo sets the record straight once and for all in regards to 1020’s build materials, hinting at another plasticky (sorry, polycarbonaty) slab very similar to the 920. In fact, we’re expecting the only really noticeable design difference to be the larger camera hump on the back, owed to the high-quality 41 MP PureView sensor.

In terms of software, it’s no secret the Lumia 1020 will run Windows Phone 8, but apparently there will be one or two new apps here, including something called “Nokia Pro Cam”. As far as hardware goes, everyone expects this thing to replicate 920, 925 and 928’s specs to the letter, although there’s an outside chance Nokia will equip the “EOS” with a zippier processor (don’t hold your breath).

Don’t forget, July 11 is when everything goes down.

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