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Nokia, LG, Lenovo mock Samsung’s Oscar publicity stunts, come off as petty

A Galaxy Note 3 might be behind the most retweeted tweet of all time, but that doesn’t appear to stop Samsung’s rivals from ridiculing the smartphone that snapped up a group selfie filled with Hollywood celebrities at the Oscars.

Oscar selfie

Quick, who was the big winner at the Academy Awards on Sunday? Was it “12 Years a Slave” or “Gravity”? How about neither? Granted, the two blockbusters snatched an impressive total of 10 trophies at the award show, yet more people are talking about Samsung than Alfonso Cuaron or Steve McQueen.

The Galaxy Note 3 and S5 manufacturers were front and center at the gala, reportedly spending north of $20 million for their phones to be prominently featured both in ad breaks and during the actual telecast.

The most visible, craftier, possibly costlier stunt of all? That time host Ellen DeGeneres rounded up a dozen movie stars for an epic group selfie, which as of now, has over 3 million retweets and 1.6 mil favorites.

Redefining the word viral can only come with a fair share of haters, and it didn’t take long for Nokia, LG and Lenovo to try to rain on Samsung’s parade. “Try” being the key word there, as their efforts reek of desperation and certainly not inspiration.


Nokia kicked off the jealousy-addled festivities with a smarmy tweet addressed to Ellen: “Let’s do away with blurry photos”. Basically, the Finns are suggesting a PureView cam-toting Lumia might have been a better choice than a Galaxy Note 3 for the recent Oscar photo shoot.

Here’s an idea, Nokia. Stop wasting resources on experimenting with Windows RT tablets and Android handhelds lacking Google Play access, and instead invest more dough in advertising campaigns like this. After all, your tweet got 430 retweets, and Ellen’s… 7,000 times that. Oh, well, at least they had the decency to go after a different photo than the one taken by Bradley Cooper.


Which is not what we can say of LG and Lenovo. The two came off even more bitter and jealous, despite making a couple of valid points. The former hinted at G2’s rear buttons as a solution to the “long arms” conundrum, while the latter thinks that one of its Vibe phones would have done a better job in “keeping the family intact”. So, basically, Jared Leto would have made the picture, not just his left eye.


Again, no one’s saying LG and Lenovo aren’t right. Their timing is off though, and the retweet numbers don’t lie: a measly 100 combined. And the PR Oscar goes to… Samsung.

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