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Nokia Connection 2010


The Nokia Connection 2010 event was held at Conrad Centennial Hotel in Singapore this morning, and the Finnish manufacturer announced three new phones, the Nokia X5, Nokia X6 8GB, and the Nokia N8 in the Asia Pacific region.

Chris Carr, Vice President of Sales for SEAP in Nokia, gave the opening address and talked about the changing mobile industry that revolves around the Internet, content, services as well as constant connectivity.

“We are putting place in a strategy that integrates services and leverages our market leadership position in devices. By combining Ovi services with Nokia devices, we create enhanced experience that grab consumers. Nokia’s competitive advantage is that we are able to deliver a range of devices with services across different price point to different consumer segment. A unique approach to provide real consumer value includes the world’s best map and free global navigation; a great music player with access to million of songs; an integrated messaging service as well as integrated access to popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter; and also a globally local app store for hundreds of Nokia devices,” said Carr.

“From the Smartphone 360 study that we conducted earlier this year, 62% of smartphone owners spend their time on the phone connecting people, doing things like social networking, calls, messaging, email. 12% goes to entertainment; the time they spend on games, music, videos and pictures. 9% goes to browsing on the web. And 16% goes to info, office and utility, using things on the devices that keeps going everyday like the clock, profile settings. All this reflect the average smartphone user that is based on the study in April this year,” says Jo Harlow, Senior Vice President for Nokia Smartphones.

“Nokia leadership has been questioned in recent months. However, it is often overlooked that we continue to have the largest market share in mobile devices. And the largest share in smartphones which is the fastest growing segment. More than 1.2 billion people around the world are using a Nokia device today. There’s abundant opportunity for us” Harlow remarks.

The new Nokia X5 is a music phone that also provides messaging and social networking features. The squarish phone offers a sliding QWERTY keyboard and 2.36-inch QVGA display.

The display is not touchscreen and for menu navigation, you need to press the directional pad to the menu option you want.

The right of the Nokia X5 is quite clean except for the volume controls.

At the rear is the 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, while the top holds the USB port for connecting to your PC. Comes in Pink, Azure, Graphite Black, Yellow Green and Purple, the Nokia X5 will be available in Q3 this year at an estimated retail price of EUR165 before taxes and subsidies.

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