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Nokia Communicator 9500

The Nokia 9500 comes bundled with all necessary software for it to be a Mobile Office and also PC software to support the Nokia 9500. The phone comes installed with an Office Tools for Word Document, Spreadsheets, Presentation editor and viewer (The Nokia 9500 Communicator supports the most common features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel [Microsoft Office 97 onwards].) and Web browser and email with attachments (supports email with attachments compatible with the file formats supported by the device.). Connecting the Nokia 9500 to the PC was easy with the USB supplied USB cable or via a supplied cradle using the same USB cable. The Nokia PC Suite is the have the usual backup service, application installer, Movie/Sound converter and etc. found in most of Nokia PC Suite.

Installation and connectivity was swift and simple. Put in the Supplied CD and everything is just clicks away. All necessary softwares were there. If not, it can be easily downloaded from Nokia’s Website. (http://www.nokia.com/nokia/0,8764,54108,00.html)



According to Specs:



Talk time




Up to 4-10 hours

WLAN off

WLAN idle

Up to 200-300 hours

Up to 180-240 hours

The initial charge for the battery 14 hours. And only after 3 full discharges and charging was I able to get some where close to what the spec have listed. With the WLAN “ON” and at load the phone tends to heat up and I could only get about 2~3 hours with the WLAN at LOAD.

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