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Nokia Communicator 9500

The screen is for the Desktop is an attractive 640 x 200 pixels with 65,536-color. This may be one of the biggest screens on such a device, but proper internet surfing can only be achieved with some compromise. The easy ZOOM-IN and ZOOM-OUT feature makes easier. The screen is divided into 3 parts. There are 2 small sections on the extreme left and right and the main center section that displays the main content. The extreme left indicates which “Window”/” Folder” that you are in and also time, battery life, signal and profile. The extreme right reflects the usage of each of the 4 buttons place beside the left of the screen. The style of the OS also looks better with wallpaper and Desktop color customization, this is most probably due to the upgraded screen.

The layout for the communicator have not changed much, the eliminating of the flick-up antenna enabled Nokia to reduce the length of the phone. The usual 4 buttons on the right side of the screen for Desktop operations. The usual few main options | DESK | TELEPHONE | MESSAGING | WEB | CONTACTS | DOCUMENTS | CALENDAR | and an additional button | MY OWN |, which is a programmable button. Nokia repeated the same mistake of having the navigation pad on the keyboard on the same side of 4 buttons on the screen. Those who have used the communicator would know that the 4 buttons are a MUST for good operation. If Nokia placed the 4 buttons on the left, while you navigate with the directional pad with your right thumb, (if the 4 buttons were on the left) your left thumb would be more mobile. Thus the right thumb can be positioned on the directional pad rather than moving them up and down from the directional pad to the 4 buttons.

The most prominent new feature of the new Nokia Communicator 9500 must be the inclusion of a built-in Wireless LAN access (WiFi, IEEE 802.11b, 2.4 GHz) connectivity. Like all PDA with WiFi connectivity at a flick of your PDA you can be surfing the internet anywhere with WiFi network. With Security Solutions: Device Lock, MMC Password Lock, OMA DRM 1.0 Forward Lock, SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0, Ipsec, 802.11 WPA 1.0/WEP, Operator WLAN/EAP SIM for Wireless LAN security, Java MidP 2.0 Full Security Domain, Cisco CCX Compliance and Nokia mobile VPN client. This beast is just waiting to be “Networked” abused. Setting up for WiFi is also simple and Nokia even has a Setup Wizard for the various settings required for the phone to work out-of-the-box.

The Nokia 9500 also supports Bluetooth for phone to phone connectivity and other Bluetooth devices listed below. But unlike the Symbian Series 60s platform, the Bluetooth on this Nokia 9500 is pretty limited to ONLY Bluetooth devices. PC connectivity through Bluetooth has only Limited Services (using a Belkin F8T001 USB Bluetooth Adapter). No network connectivity via Bluetooth was available and only simple file transfer was possible. The Nokia PC Suite that came with the Phone package had no option for Bluetooth connectivity (which is a bit sad for a COMMUNICATOR). I am not sure if a new firmware or a new Nokia PC Suite would enable other Bluetooth connectivity Services. Hopefully this is possible since the hardware is pretty much capable of delivering such capabilities.

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