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Nokia Communicator 9500

The Nokia Communicator Series have been defining and RE-Defining mobile communication with each new model. The newest line of Nokia Communicators, the 9500 has yet again set the standard. Today, we will give you an in-depth review of the new Nokia Communicator 9500.

The communicator’s size and weight still retains the “BRICK” description, and well deserved too. It does however have some small improvements.

The Length have been reduced from the previous model 9210i by a good 10mm (this is done by eliminating of the flick-up antenna) and thickness also reduced by a small 3mm. it does however have a small increase in width of approximately 1mm. The weight has also been reduced by a good 14g and is now coloured!(65,536-color displays).

The phone’s Keypad and its Desktop’s keyboard have received a great facelift. The phone’s keypad is now similar to the other series of Nokia phones with the keys “clustered” together (no gaps in-between keys); compared to the 9210i (the keys were better defined). The Desktop keyboard is also designed “clustered” together. The keys are the conventional ones with a “bubble” in the center of the key.

The new keypad and keyboard surprisingly worked very well. There is only the small complain for the phone’s keypad. The clicking sound of the phone’s keypad when pressed is uncomfortably loud and not tactical enough in an office or silent environment. The saving grace is that the keyboard is totally silent and SMS-ing is much easier on the Desktop compared to the phone keypad. The main reason being there is no T9 Dictionary for the Nokia 9500. Not to mentioned, there is no dictionary function on the desktop as well. An upgrade in the firmware by Nokia should solve this problem in the future.


All Nokia communicator look alike. The same model is always the same colour and little have been done to add the personal touch that many other Nokia phones are capable of with their Nokia Xpress-on™ covers.

But for the 9500, Nokia finally came up with the answer for all mobile warriors. The Nokia 9500 Communicator is the first communicator that has the Nokia Xpress-on™ covers option. Current colours only come in 2 flavors of Black or White (since these are the only “colours” that match the main body of the Nokia 9500). Communicator fans would hope they add on more variety of colours despite it costing a cool US$ 58 / S$ 98 a pop. (price varies from each countries).

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