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Nokia announces the Nokia 515, a featurephone that is made out of aluminium

Nokia has announced its latest featurephone, the 515. Although the device is targeted at the budget segment, the Nokia 515 features heavy use of aluminium and looks very stylish.

Nokia 515

Nokia has outdone itself with the design of the 515. The mobile is constructed from a single piece of anodized aluminium, which gives the device a sleek look. The screen on the device is sklightly curved and is made out of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2, making it scratch resistant. The keyboard is made out of polycarbonate resin.

The Nokia 515 has a 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 160 x120, a 5 MP camera that has a voice-activated feature along with Panorama mode. The camera also comes with an LED flash. The device comes with 256 MB internal memory, but contains a microSD slot that can extend storage to 32 GB. The mobile is a single SIM variant for now, but the dual-SIM version should be making its debut later this year.

Another notable feature is the battery life, which Nokia claims will last an incredible 38 days. The Nokia 515 will be available from the third quarter and will initially be offered in Russia, Germany, Switzerland and Poland for $149.

Source: Nokia

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