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Nokia Announces New Apps for Health and Fitness From the Ovi Store


If you’re watching your weight, Diet2Go is an easy-to-use application which provides you with up to 30 diet plans to suit your taste and preference. With such variety, it’s easy to find a diet plan which will suit even the most fussy eater. The Diet2Go plan manager will guide you through your weight loss day-by-day, helping you keep track of your goals. There’s also a meal reminder which can be integrated into your phone calendar which ensures you don’t skip a meal! The app also provides you with plenty of weight loss tips.

Price: Free

Fit Pro – Sport and Diet

Another great app for people who are looking at starting on a diet regime is Fit Pro – Sport and Diet. However, this app integrates your workout plans with your dieting plans to help you lose weight or keep fit in the most effective manner. You simply enter the foods you eat each day, your daily physical activity and set your daily calorie limit which you want to achieve, and the app does the rest. The app displays charts of daily and monthly calorie intake to help you chart your dieting progress and keep track of goals.

Price: SGD 4.99 (Incl. Taxes)

BMI Calculator

A great way of keeping track of your weight loss goals is via your body mass index (BMI). BMI Calculator is a simple, easy-to-use app which helps you keep track of this important statistic. The app also provides you with simple tips to keep your BMI in the optimum range.

Price: Free


While you’re striving to attain your perfect physical shape, don’t forget to have fun along the way! Here’s an app which makes exercise more fun! Heiaheia helps you keep track of your exercise regime alongside that of your friends! It marries the benefits of exercise and social networking in an entertaining package. Friendly competition, as they say, is always welcomed.

Price: Free

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