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Nokia and Microsoft to team up on Windows Phone 7?


In September, Nokia has expressed that between Android and Windows Phone 7 platform, it would go for the latter instead. While waiting for the new MeeGo products to be out, which has been delayed to early next year, it seems like the Finnish company is in talks with Microsoft which could lead to a Nokia Windows Phone 7.

It is not the first time we have heard about this, but recently, Mobile-review revealed that Nokia is working with Microsoft on a Windows Phone 7, which many believe that it was unlikely to happen and highly unacceptable. Well, truth is Nokia is faced with many woes – delay of their MeeGo devices, laying off more than 2000 developers and engineers, poor sales of Touch and Type phones etc., and this move says alot about the company’s current situation. 

Nokia has always been developing their devices based on the Symbian operating system, which claims to be the world’s leading mobile platform at current, and it is weird that the company is deciding to work with Microsoft (why not Android too?). Is this a last attempt from the phone maker? We believe the answer will present itself in due time.

Source: Mobile-review

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