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Nokia accidentally confirms unreleased Lumia 525, color options get leaked

While last week’s Nokia World press event was certainly action-packed, with a new Lumia smartphone duo, the first ever Lumia tab and a trio of basic Asha handhelds seeing daylight, the Finns didn’t put all the cards on the table and kept an ace or two up their sleeves.

Lumia 525

Namely, the Lumia 929 for Verizon, which has since surfaced in a short hands-on video, and the Lumia 525, aka “Glee”. That last fellow is tipped as a sort of music-oriented variation of Nokia’s biggest blockbuster in ages, the Lumia 520, though the specifics are not clear yet.

What looks beyond the shadow of a doubt is the 525 is indeed real, will be known to mankind under that moniker and is to land sooner rather than later. Maybe even as soon as next week.

A Canadian contest that ends November 3 listed for a few hours its grand prize as two Live Nation 2014 concert tickets, redeemable until December 31, plus one Nokia Lumia 525 phone. Innocent but hilarious typo? Perhaps, especially since the “error” has been fixed in the meantime and the prize is now a far less exciting Lumia 520.

Lumia 525 contest

But how come they didn’t say they were giving away a Lumia 523? Or a Lumia 550? What I mean is don’t you think it’s too big of a coincidence for it to actually be a coincidence?

Oh, well, I’m afraid we’ll just have to wait and see if the Lumia 525 becomes official in time for the holidays. And if it’s to be released in yellow, white and orange color options, as @EvLeaks claims. Only yellow, white and orange, sans black or red? Now that’s even harder to buy than Nokia’s so-called blunder.

Sources: My Nokia Blog, Live Nation, Twitter

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