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Nokia 6500 Slide Review


Image Editor (left) & Opera Mini (Right)

Behind every modern day mobile phone lies an operating system of sorts.  In the Nokia 6500 Slide, it is the Symbian 40 operating system. Being a fairly lightweight system, we did not experience any lag during normal operation of the phone.  The OS allows the phone to support customized themes and ringtones so users can feel free to use their own polyphonic/ MP3 ringtones. As a matter of fact, the phone also supports video ringtones so one can go crazy over skinning and customizing the phone virtually.
As with most other phones on the market now, the 6500 Slide comes with a basic media player that allows playback of both music and videos. The MicroSD expansion slot would certainly come in handy for storing the media in such an instance. Basic options like stereo expansion and equalization are also present in the player.
Should there be any interesting broadcasts on radio, one can also tune in via the built-in FM receiver. However, this requires the use of the earpiece as it doubles up as an antenna for the receiver.
Simple edits of the pictures taken with the integrated camera can also be done via the Image Editor integrated into the phone. Crop the image, add border art along with some text and you would be ready to fire out a multimedia message to your friends! For those who surf the internet on the go, Opera Mini browser is included as part of the software package. In addition to what normal integrated browsers do, Opera Mini delivers RSS feed functionality as well.  This is a very useful feature for business warriors who need to track the latest new feeds while on the move.


Left to Right: Charging port, rear cover lock, Mini 5-pin USB port, A/V output port.

The Nokia 6500 Slide supports EDGE, GPRS and HSCSD for those who need data connectivity whilst on the move.  For transfer of data to and fro computers and other phones, Nokia has dropped Infared in favour of Bluetooth 2.0 which does not require line of sight and has better range. The mini 5-pin USB port on the top of the phone allows for high speed transfers to a computer via USB 2.0. It is just unfortunate that Nokia hasn’t squeezed in Wireless LAN which would have been a great companion to the existing connectivity options. The A/V output port allows playback of videos to a TV at QVGA quality. Alternatively, one may make 3G TV video calls and video conferencing via the aforementioned port.

Packaged Items

Handsfree Earpiece set, USB cable, Travel Charger, Manual with CDROM and TV output cable.

The packaged items include a USB cable for connection to a computer as well as the TV output cable aside from the usual suspects like the travel adaptor, earpiece and manual. It isn’t a lot but it is certainly sufficient and definitely more than can be expected from a mid-range phone.

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