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Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler Review

The installation of the NH-D14 is not difficult, especially considering the size of the cooler, although it requires care and a significant amount of time. The socket 1155 installation is demonstrated in this review. In order for the NH-D14 to be installed onto any socket, the fans will have to be removed first. AMD user will have to use the stock backplate but Intel users need to use the supplied backplate in order to secure the retention braces on their motherboards.

After the retention braces are well secured on the motherboard (make sure they are facing outwards), a thin layer of thermal grease needs to be applied on the CPU. The orientation of the braces also affects the orientation of the cooler.

With the braces attached and the grease applied, the user only needs to place the cooler onto the CPU and firmly secure it in place by using the supplied screwdriver. Finally, the fans will have to be clipped back on the cooler.

The size of the NH-D14 is bound to cause problems in a few systems, therefore we highly recommend that you carefully check the cooler’s compatibility list before purchasing it and cautiously studying its dimensions in order to make sure it will fit inside your system. The installation of tall RAM modules will certainly be a problem with a very large number of motherboards and the cooler is so wide that it might even get close to VGA cards. This is a particularly common problem with P55 based boards which Noctua is aware of and the company recommends that the fan clips should be insulated if they are anywhere close to the VGA card. 

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