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Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler Review

As we mentioned in our introduction, the NH-C14 is a horizontal C-type cooler. Noctua designed the NH-C14 in order to fit wherever the NH-D14 could not; however, that does not make the NH-C14 a small cooler. On the contrary, the NH-C14 is bound to cover most of the top part of your motherboard. Even the weight is similar to that of its tower cousin, weighing 1kg with the fans installed. By using two 140mm fans however, Noctua offers the capability to sacrifice some thermal performance by removing either the bottom or the top fan, thus achieving greater clearance or a lower height respectively.

The large aluminum fins of the NH-C14 should offer ample heat dissipation surface for even the most demanding cooling applications. Noctua soldered the fins onto the heatpipes, enhancing both the mechanical cohesion and the performance of the cooler. Furthermore, the fins are serrated and the spacing between them is significant, minimizing noise due to air turbulence. Rubber blocks have been installed in order to absorb any vibrations coming from the fans.

Six large heatpipes move through the base of the NH-C14, transferring the heat generated by the CPU to the aluminum fins of the cooler. The heatpipes are made out of copper but Noctua nickel-plated them, enhancing both the aesthetic value of the cooler and its long term durability, as the plating will prevent copper from oxidizing. There is also a steel support brace, ensuring the mechanical stability and reliability of the cooler, as the copper heatpipes alone would not have enough mechanical strength.

The lower part of the cooler’s base is made out of nickel plated copper and is perfectly smooth, although not machined down to a mirror finish. The rest of the cooler’s base is made out of solid aluminum, serving only as a mechanical support for the installation of the cooler and having no effect on its performance whatsoever. 

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