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No money to own the Galaxy? Get a Cherry instead

And no, we are not referring to ‘that’ kind of cherry, despite how it may sound. But if you fancy an Android-powered tablet that has the raw computing horsepower and hardware to go up toe to toe against Samsung’s popular (and overpowered) Galaxy Tab, China may just be the best place to be for the upcoming holidays. Or more specifically, ShenZhen. After all, why aim for the Galaxy when a Cherry will suffice?

There is no such thing as ‘choice’ when it comes to choosing a tablet PC, at least at this point of time. After all, with only three operating systems available and a handful of reputable OEMs producing such devices, it appears that the market is not receiving enough alternatives for a product that is rapidly gaining mainstream adoption even as we speak.

That being said, it is also common knowledge that decent tablets are not the most affordable devices, while cheaper alternatives produced by the same reputable OEMs usually fail to achieve the same performance (and visual appeal) as their premium counterparts. But if brand reputation is not a priority, Cherrypal’s just-updated Cherrypad tablet will probably be the best fit for those who crave decent tablet performance at rock-bottom prices.

Notice that we used the word “just-upgraded”? That’s right; Cherrypal has apparently decided that its old Cherrypad tablet PC was in need of a hardware refresh in order to hold its own against more powerful (and sleeker looking) tablets from the likes of Apple and Samsung, among many others. And with hardware such as an old Samsung S3CPC6410 (ARM11-based) processor, 256MB of memory, the use of a seven-inch resistive touchscreen (gasp) and booting off Android 2.1, we’d say that a spec bump is definitely overdue.

According to Newpad.cn, Cherrypal has dropped the old S3CPC6410 processor for a newer, 1GHz chip based off the ARM Cortex A8’s specifications in order to give the Cherrypad a little more computing power for today’s highly mobile consumers.  In addition, the amount of onboard memory and flash storage has been upped to 512MB and 8-16GB respectively. Oh, and somewhere along the way, the pre-loaded OS has also been upgrade to v2.2 of Google’s Android OS. Nice.

That being said, a tablet with such specifications can usually be expected to fetch at least US$600 in the market, right? Not with Cherrypal though: online reports claim that the updated Cherrypad is expected to retail for the jaw-dropping price of 2500 yuan or approximately US$380, way below what most reputable OEMs are asking for. And as usual, here’s hoping you have a very close Chinese friend if the Cherrypad is going to make an appearance in your ‘Things I want to get’ list.

Source: Newpad.cn

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