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Nintendo Wii U will be region-locked

Future Wii U console owners may not be too excited to hear this little tidbit of news.  Nintendo’s next-gen console will be region-locked, and if you’re really into console gaming then you’ll know that within the land of the rising sun are video games that sometimes surpass (in quality) Nintendo titles that are available globally.

This trend will continue as it did for the Wii, but don’t expect Nintendo import fans to sit still.  People who really want to play Japanese Wii games will go out of their way to either buy a Japanese Wii, or modify the hardware/software of their regionalized Wii.

Microsoft and Sony have been a bit more relaxed when it comes to region-locking games.  Both companies are known to let publishers choose which titles they want to lock.  The PS3 and PS Vita are, for the most part, region-free.

In the past, titles such as Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story were initially made available strictly for certain markets, but due to fans’ demand Nintendo finally relented.  As with the Wii, it is almost certain that the hacking community will find a way to hack the Wii U.

Source: CVG

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